Fortanix Data Security Manager Software Upgrade

Customers must open a support ticket before proceeding with the upgrade.


Updates to Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) are provided on a two-week release cycle. Once a release candidate is built, internal testing and validation are performed. After the testing and validation, the release candidate is made available to the customer in the SIT environment. 

After the customer’s validation and approval, a 2-hour maintenance window is scheduled (during business hours in the Pacific Time zone) to roll out the upgrades to all the production sites. No downtime or adverse impact is ever expected during an upgrade. 

All maintenance outside of the standard two-week release cycle is considered unplanned and non-routine and will be coordinated with the customer as needed. 


A user with a system administrator role in DSM.

Fortanix Data Security Manager Pre-Upgrade Steps

For pre-upgrade checks before performing the DSM software upgrade, refer to one of the following guides:

Fortanix Data Security Manager Upgrade Steps

Fortanix DSM System Administrator should follow the steps below to perform the Fortanix DSM software upgrade when a new version of the software is available.

  1. A backup is required before performing the Fortanix DSM software upgrade. For step-by-step instructions to do the backup, refer to the Fortanix Backup and Restore Guide.
    For AWS installations, the AWS Deployment Key must be backed up, but stored in a separate place from the Fortanix DSM backup. For more details on how to back up the Deployment Key for an AWS cluster, refer to Section 6.0 of the Fortanix DSM on AWS Installation Guide.
  2. Log in to the Fortanix Support URL to download the software package required for the upgrade.
  3. Enter your email and password, and then click Sign in. 1.png
    Figure 1: Log In
  4. On the homepage of the Fortanix support portal, click the Fortanix Data Security Manager tile to open all the Fortanix DSM artifacts. Upgrade1.png
    Figure 2: Fortanix DSM Tile
  5. Click the Fortanix Data Security Manager Releases tile to access the Fortanix DSM software package needed for the upgrade. Upgrade2.png
    Figure 3: Fortanix DSM Release Folder
  6. Click the Fortanix DSM release link with the latest date. For example, “[3.25] – March 22, 2021”. The topmost link in the list will always have the latest software upgrade file. Upgrade3.png
    Figure 4: Latest Release Link
  7. In the details of the latest release, you will find a link to download the software package. Example below. Upgrade4.png
    Figure 5: Software Package Download Link
  8. Check if the file downloaded successfully in your system’s download folder. 6.png
    Figure 6: Fortanix DSM Software Package
  9. Open the Fortanix DSM UI, and then click the Administrator tab to access the admin view. 7.png
    Figure 7: Admin Tab
  10. Now in the left panel, click the Software Update 8.png tab to upload the new software package. 7.png
    Figure 8: Software Update Tab
  11. Click UPLOAD NEW SOFTWARE link or SELECT A PACKAGE button to upload the latest software package and initiate the Fortanix DSM software update. 10.png
    Figure 9: Upload New Software Package
  12. Open the Software package from the folder where you have downloaded it. 11.png
    Figure 10: Select File
  13. The selected package ( will appear in the Upload new section as shown below. Click UPLOAD TO CLUSTER to upload the file to your cluster. 12.png
    Figure 11: Upload to Cluster
  14. UI shows the percentage of progress of the uploaded package. 14.png
    Figure 12: Upload Percentage
  15. Once fully uploaded, the cluster will verify the authenticity of the installer package. 15.png
    Figure 13: Verifying the Authenticity of the Package
  16. After authenticity verification, the package will now start distributing to all the nodes. 16.png
    Figure 14: Package Distribution
  17. Upon completion of the distribution, the cluster is ready to be upgraded to the newer version. 17.png
    Figure 15: Cluster Ready for Upgrade
  18. The package will be in the “Staged” state until the installation process completes. Click INSTALL to start the package installation (Figure 15).
  19. The package will start installing on all the nodes. Once completed. Click FINISH. 18.png
    Figure 16: Installing Package
  20. Once the upgrade process finishes, the cluster will show the deployed version on UI. 19.png
    Figure 17: Package Deployed
  21. Check for BMC firmware upgrades afterward by using the following link:[…]-fx2200-series-ii-0-12

Fortanix Data Security Manager Post-Upgrade Steps

For post-upgrade checks after performing the DSM software upgrade, refer to Fortanix Data Security Manager Software Post-Upgrade Checks


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