Fortanix DSM SaaS Homepage

This article describes the Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) SaaS Homepage which is the landing page for users after they successfully log in to Fortanix DSM SaaS and create an account.

  1. Welcome, User - This section will help you to get started with DSM SaaS. It has links to articles such as the:
    1. Getting Started with DSM - Click this link to go to the "Getting started with DSM" article that describes how to get started with DSM SaaS and learn its features.
    2. What's new with DSM - Click this link to go to the "DSM SaaS release notes" page that lists all the DSM SaaS release notes and the new features supported in each release.
    3. Training and Certification - Click this link to learn about DSM SaaS from the experts by scheduling training sessions and get certified.
  2. My Shortcuts - Using this section, you can instantly create groups, apps, plugins, and security objects, and invite users using the Add Plus.pngbutton. It also lists the total number of groups, apps, security objects, users, and plugins added to the DSM SaaS account.
  3. My Subscription - This section lists:
    1. Subscription Type - This field shows your subscription type and if it is active or expired. If your trial has expired, you will also see a notification bar on the top of the screen stating that "Your trial account has expired. Please upgrade your subscription for a hassle-free service"
    2. Total Transactions Allowed - This field shows the total number of transactions or crypto operations that are allowed for you..
    3. Total Apps Allowed - This field shows the total apps that you are allowed to create.
  4. Connect with our help center - Using this section you can reach out to the Fortanix Support team by clicking the HELP CENTER button.


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