What is the lifecycle of a Fortanix DSM SaaS Trial Account?

Trial Account Lifecycle

A trial account is meant for customers to try any or all of the features of the Fortanix DSM SaaS Platform for free for 30 days.

Data of Trial accounts will not be retained unless it is converted to a production account before the account is permanently deleted (6 months/180 days post the trial period expiration).

Conversion of Trial account to Production account can happen anytime after a trial account is created and before that Trial account is permanently deleted.

While the account is in the Trial period, it is considered to be in Active State. Once the trial period is expired, the account transitions into an Inactive State, and stays in this state until it is converted to production or permanently deleted after 180 days.

Restrictions During the Expired Period

Once the Trial period is expired (30 days), the customer will not be able to
  • Create/modify any security objects or
  • Perform any crypto operation on the existing security objects


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