Fortanix DSM SaaS Architecture

Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) SaaS is built on a web-scale architecture that is designed to deliver high resiliency and availability for modern cloud environments.


Fortanix DSM SaaS provides encryption, key and secrets management, and tokenization from a single integrated platform leveraging a globally distributed architecture across 15 data centers. For each region (Americas, EU, UK, and so on), customers are served from 3 physically isolated data centers, or "availability zones", to ensure constant uptime and reduce latency. Furthermore:

  • Each data center has a fully redundant power and cooling infrastructure.
  • Each cluster is physically separated and consists of a large number of nodes for better geographic resiliency.
  • Clusters span data centers over redundant interconnections, ensuring high availability and minimal latency.
  • All Accounts, Groups, Apps, and Security Objects are highly available across the distributed cluster to eliminate a single point of failure.
  • An intelligent load-balancing service automatically serves requests from the nearest key management service.

Fortanix DSM SaaS runs on Platform Equinix, which allows enterprises to securely integrate with public cloud infrastructure and other digital business services by leveraging the high-speed Equinix Fabric for private and dedicated interconnects through Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs).



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