Wrap an AES key with an AES OR RSA key using sdkms-cli


Please see other post about wrapping keys for caveats etc.

Wrap an AES key with an AES key:

sdkms-cli --api-endpoint sdkms.fortanix.com wrap-key --kid 0277d1e5-b683-4da7-af2c-5016783014a4 --alg AES --mode CBC --wrapping-kid 34e06933-30a8-4d31-94c8-226e57a7047d --out ./AES_wrapped_key.txt

Wrap an AES key with the PUBLIC key of an RSA pair (need private key to unwrap)

sdkms-cli --api-endpoint sdkms.fortanix.com wrap-key --kid 0277d1e5-b683-4da7-af2c-5016783014a4 --alg RSA --mode OAEP_MGF1_SHA256 --wrapping-kid 7b12f25f-b516-4fd3-a567-d71ba30176ca --out ./RSA_wrapped_key.txt



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