How do I troubleshoot a backup?


So you set up backups, deployed the config.yaml to the cluster, ran a manual backup ... and nothing appeared on the backup server!?!  Oh no!

Here are few quick things to check:

1.  On the backup server, are the permissions set for the user that is specified in the config.yaml?
2.  Is the partition or disk full where the backups are stored?
3.  Did the user or pass get deleted or change?
4.  When did the last backup succeed?  Check for firewall or network changes that may be blocking access from the Fortanix Cluster to the backup server.
5.  Any node in the cluster can send a backup.  Are the IP addresses of ALL the nodes allowed and able to talk with the backup server?

Check the backup pod logs:
On the Fortanix cluster, get a list of the pods and identify the backup pod's name (usually has Error in the backup pod status column)

sudo KUBECONFIG=/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf kubectl get pods

Get the logs from the errored pod and look for clues!

sudo KUBECONFIG=/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf kubectl logs BACKUP_POD_NAME




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