How do I execute a manual backup?


Firstly, backups must be setup in the config.yaml to either SCP, Azure, or AWS S3 buckets.  A manual backup uses the same configuration specified in the config.yaml.  More information about that here!

Once the updated config.yaml is deployed to the clusters, scheduled backups will run at the time specified by the cron setting in the config.yaml.  Scheduled backups are executed using UTC time.

To run a manual backup, there are is one best method:

1.  The best practice:

sudo /opt/fortanix/sdkms/bin/

This script will first check to see if a sdkms-backup-manual pod/job exists.  If it exists, it will clear out the previous job and exit. You may have to run the script twice! 

Sometimes the script is not executable, so check that the file exists and the run a chmod command like `chmod u+x /opt/fortanix/sdkms/bin/`



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