Secure Web 3.0 Infrastructure Solutions

The Fortanix suite of Secure Web 3.0 Infrastructure solutions improves the security of business-to-consumer (B2C) wallets and the integrity of blockchain implementations by leveraging the power of Confidential Computing. The Fortanix Non-custodial Warm wallet solution ensures that a customer’s digital assets are not misused by a wallet provider without explicit consent in the form of a valid two-factor authentication (2FA) token. The Fortanix Ignite One-Time Signer solution improves existing offerings for blockchain signing that do not ensure the integrity of the signer or provide high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. The Fortanix Signing Provider for Tendermint KMS (TMKMS) describes how Fortanix DSM integrates with TMKMS to provide remote signing capabilities that enable the signing of Tendermint blockchain proposals and votes. The Fortanix DSM with Hyperledge Fabric describes how to configure the PKCS#11 client provided by Fortanix with Hyperledger Fabric.