DSM-Accelerator Java SDK

DSM-Accelerator Java SDK

The Fortanix DSM-Accelerator can be used to encrypt, decrypt, tokenize, or detokenize data as it enters or leaves an application at very high throughput, so that there is negligible latency between the applications and the crypto interface. To know more about DSM-Accelerator, refer to the DSM-Accelerator-Concepts guide. 

The DSM-Accelerator SDK for Java is for the users working on Java. The users can integrate the Java Client SDK as a dependency into their Java application to perform encryption, decryption, tokenization, and detokenization for higher volume and lower latency.



Download the dsmAccelerator.so file from the support portal. Place it in /opt/fortanix directory.

Download DSM-Accelerator.jar from the support portal. Place the JAR in the classpath of the application or put it as a dependency in the project.

For the supported crypto operations and usage, refer to the DSM-Accelerator Java SDK Developer's Guide.


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