User's Guide: Account Customization


  • An account on Fortanix DSM SaaS. For more information on how to create an account see User's Guide: Getting Started.

Customize Account

To customize the account information such as Logo and Name of the account:

  1. Go to the Account Settings page in Fortanix DSM UI and click the CUSTOMIZE ACCOUNT tab.
  2. In the Account Customization page, the following account information can be modified:Account_Customization.png
    Figure 1: Customize account
    • Logo: To add a new logo to the account, click CHANGE LOGO to browse for the custom logo image file from your local machine.
    • Account Name:
      1. To rename the account, click RENAME ACCOUNT.
      2. In the RENAME ACCOUNT window, enter the new account name, and click SAVE.rename_account.png
        Figure 2: Rename account

        If a quorum policy is set in the account, then an approval request is created while modifying the account name.quorum_approval_for_account_rename.png
        Figure 3: Quorum approval request for account renaming


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