User's Guide : Usage Metrics

Account Administrator Dashboard View

The following metrics are represented on the Account Administrator dashboard.

  • Overview of the key metrics that indicate the actual activity of the account under the current calendar month. This section displays the data related to the following metrics:
    • Total Active Apps: It is the total number of cloud accounts configured in Fortanix DSM plus the total number of Fortanix DSM Generic Apps in the account.
      • Total Number of Cloud Accounts (configured in Fortanix DSM):
        - Total AWS Accounts
        - Total Azure Accounts
      • Total Number of Fortanix DSM Generic Apps: Generic apps are applications that use both Secrets Management (Encrypt, Decrypt, WrapKey, UnwrapKey, Sign, Verify, MacGenerate, and others) and Tokenization (Tokenize and detokenize operations, that is, Encrypt or Decrypt in format-preserving encryption (FPE) mode.)
    • Total Operations
      • Operations Metered on Cryptographic Key:
        • Key Generation, Import, Export
        • Digest Key, Re-key, Derive Key, Agree Key
        • Persist Transient Key
        • Encrypt, Decrypt
        • Wrap, Unwrap
        • Multi-part Encrypt (Init, Update, Final)
        • Multi-part Decrypt (Init, Update, Final)
        • Signature Generation, Signature Verification
        • Mac Generation, Mac Verification
      • Operations Metered on Secrets:
        • Import a Secret Object
        • Rotate a Secret Object with a new Secret Object
        • Export a Secret Object
      • Operations Metered on Opaque Objects:
        • Import an Opaque Object
    • Number of Tokenization Operations: The key operations that are permitted for a tokenization key are Tokenize (encrypt), Detokenize (decrypt), App Manageable, and Export.
    • Number of Tokenization Apps: Tokenization Apps are applications that are assigned to perform tokenization operations in a specific calendar month.
    • Total Security Objects
    • Total Plugins
    • HSM Gateways (if enabled)

      Total Operations count will include the Tokenization Operations count as well.
      For example, if the user has performed 10000 tokenization operations. The tokenization operation will display the count as 10000 and the Total operations will display the count 10000/10000. The individual operations count will remain 0.

  • Historical Usage data of the following key metrics that summarise activities for the past six months.
    • Total Operations
    • Total Tokenization Operations.
    • Total Plugin Invocations

Figure 1: Account administrator dashboard view

  1. The above data can be exported to a CSV file for the last ‘x’ number of months (up to 12 months) that can be used for billing. To download the CSV file, click DOWNLOAD CSV. DashboardSaaS_DownalodCSV.png
    Figure 2: Download CSV file
  2. Select the number of months up to which the data should be exported and click DOWNLOAD. DashboardSaaS_DownalodCSV_month.png
    Figure 3: Select the number of months


In the event of exceeding limits on any billable key metrics such as Total Operations, Total Apps (including cloud accounts), Total Plugins, Total HSM Gateways, the Account Administrator will receive a notification on the dashboard.

Figure 4: Notifications

System Administrator Dashboard View

Fortanix Data Security Manager System Administrator can view the metrics and activities associated with all accounts. To view the usage of key metrics of any individual account:

  1. Go to the Accounts Page.
  2. Select the account from the list of accounts to view the key metrics associated with it. Select_Account.png
    Figure 5: Select account AdminSettings.png
    Figure 6: System administrator dashboard view
  3. In the event of any anomaly, the System Administrator can notify the Account Administrator by clicking MESSAGE. AdminSettingsMessage.png
    Figure 7: Message the account administrator
  4. Click the toggle Disabled to disable the account. disable_account.png
    Figure 8: Disable account 
  5. NOTE
    A System Administrator can disable an account, but not delete it. An Account Administrator can delete an account after deleting all objects (apps, security objects, plugins, groups, users) from within the account.


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