Supported VMs for Azure Confidential Computing

Fortanix Confidential Computing Node Agent on Azure Marketplace 

Supported VMs

The latest information on the supported VM series can be found here.

As of December 2021, the supported VM series are DCsv2-series and DCsv3/DCdsv3-series.

Regional Availability

The latest information on regional availability can be found here.

Enroll Node Using Azure Marketplace

To enroll a node using Azure Marketplace, please refer to the User's Guide: Enroll node using Azure Marketplace.

Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager on Azure (Azure Managed App)

Ice Lake VM Sizes

  • Standard_DC1s_v3

  • Standard_DC2s_v3

  • Standard_DC4s_v3

  • Standard_DC8s_v3

Ice Lake VM Supported Regions

  • West US

Enroll Node in Fortanix CCM Managed Application on Azure

To deploy  Fortanix CCM on the Microsoft Azure portal so that users can create and manage confidential computing applications from inside the Azure portal, please refer to the Confidential Computing Manager Azure Managed Application.



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