User's Guide: Data Preparation

Data Preparation

The data preparation phase is limited to Tabular datasets.

In the previous phase (Data Ingestion), the column names of the tabular datasets are extracted. In this phase, you can optionally specify which of these columns should be used as the features (X) and which column should be used as the target (Y) for the subsequent model training phase. You can specify multiple combinations of features and targets (collectively called Variables). For example, you can choose:

  • X: (Age, Gender) and Y: (Cholesterol) as one set of features AND
  • X: (Age, Height) and Y: (Cholesterol) as another set of features.

Where X is the feature set and Y is the target. For each set of features (X) you can choose only one target (Y)

  1. In the Data Preparation page, click ADD VARIABLES to select the features and target. CAI_AddVariables.pngFigure 1: Add variables
  2. Select one or more features from the SET A FEATURE column and select one target from the SET A TARGET column.
  3. Click ADD to add the variables. CAI_AddVariables1.pngFigure 2: Select the features and target
  4. The variables are added, click SAVE to save the variables and proceed to the next phase, that is, build a model. CAI__VariabledAdded.pngFigure 3: Variables added


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