User's Guide: Sign Up and Log In - New Users

Sign Up and Log In to Fortanix Confidential AI

If you are a new user and want to sign up for Confidential AI:

  1. Go to the Confidential AI product page on the Fortanix product page.
  2. Register for a free trial by filling the “Start your free trial” form.
  3. Once your free trial starts, in the Confidential AI signup form, enter the user’s Email address, First name, Last name, and Password.
  4. Select the check box I agree to Terms and Conditions.
  5. Click SIGN UP to complete the signup process. DSMSaaS4.pngFigure 1: Sign up for Confidential AI
  6. This will take you to the Fortanix DSM SaaS dashboard. Click GO TO CONFIDENTIAL AI button on the banner at the top of the page. CAI_banner.pngFigure 2: Go to Confidential AI workspace
    • This will automatically create a Confidential AI account in Fortanix CCM.
    • To switch back to the DSM SaaS workspace from the Confidential AI workspace, the user must log out and log in again.
  7. You can now proceed to the first page of the Confidential AI workspace, that is, Data Ingestion. CAI__workspace.pngFigure 3: Confidential AI workspace



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