What are the list of browsers that Fortanix DSM supports?

The list of browsers that Fortanix DSM supports are based on a dynamic "browserslist" query, (https://github.com/browserslist/browserslist). The query is:

> 0.5%, last 2 versions, Firefox ESR, not dead, not IE 11, not IE_Mob 11

The query above means that we support:

  • The last two versions of every major browser.
  • All browser versions having at least 0.5% market share
  • Explicit support for Firefox ESR but not IE.

For the current set of browsers for a given browserslist query, refer to the URL: https://browserslist.dev/?q=ZGVmYXVsdHMsIG5vdCBJRSAxMSwgbm90IElFX01vYiAxMQ%3D%3D


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