System Administration - Log Management


The purpose of this article is to describe the various activities that will be logged in a Fortanix CCM system administration account.

Log Management

Currently, Fortanix CCM supports the following logging systems in a System Administrator account.

  • Splunk
  • Azure Log Analytics
  • Syslog

For the detailed instructions to configure the above external logging systems, refer to User’s Guide: Logging.

System Administration Activities Logged

The following activities are logged on an external logger for a sysadmin account:

  1. Approving/Rejecting a new account from the Pending tab on the Accounts page.
  2. Disabling/Enabling an account from the Accounts page.
  3. Disabling/Enabling/Deleting a System Administrator/Operator from the System Administrators tab on the Users page.
  4. Inviting a new user to join the System Administrator account from the System Administrators tab on the Users page.
  5. All the operations related to Applications/Images from the Applications
  6. All the operations related to Compute Nodes from the Compute Nodes

Approving/Rejecting tasks from the Tasks tab.


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