How will I be Billed?

DSM SaaS is available on a monthly subscription basis with a minimum 1-year term. Try a 30-day free trial today.

For steps to convert an account from trial and subscription refer to our guide on Subscription Renewal.

How are the Operations Metered in Fortanix DSM SaaS?

The operations metered in Fortanix DSM SaaS are aggregated across all applications and rolled up to an Account. Fortanix DSM also allows the creation of transient keys — keys that are not stored in DSM and are tied to a particular session only. Any operation done on such transient keys is also metered and rolled into the total number of operations for an account.

Operations metered on Cryptographic key:

  • Key Generation, Import, Export
  • Digest Key, Re-key, Derive Key, Agree Key
  • Persist transient key
  • Encrypt, Decrypt
  • Wrap, Unwrap
  • Multi-part Encrypt (Init, Update, Final, Init)
  • Multi-part Decrypt (Update, Final)
  • Signature Generation, Signature Verification
  • Mac generation, Mac verification
  • Operations metered on secrets:
  • Import or writing of a new secret
  • Rotate a secret with a new secret
  • Export or reading of a secret
  • Operations metered on opaque objects:
  • Import of a new opaque object

For more details on the operations metered, refer to the User's Guide: Usage Metrics.

Operations are individually aggregated at an application level, group level, and key level. If needed they can be queried using APIs. Note that all the operations on a key, secret or opaque object can be performed inside a Fortanix DSM plugin as well. 



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