Fortanix Data Security Manager - Sysadmin Settings - Customization


The purpose of this article is to describe the customization settings to upload a custom logo that is configured by the System Administrator.

The cluster-wide logo configuration applies to the login page in the DSM on-premise cluster only.


System Administrators can customize the Fortanix DSM login page by uploading a custom logo in the Fortanix System Administrator Customization Settings page. 

Configure Custom Logo

Perform the following steps to update the logo, name, and color theme for the Fortanix DSM UI login page:

  1. Click the System Administrator SettingsSettingsCustomization menu item.
  2. In the Customize Login Page screen, the Fortanix logo is applied by default for the Fortanix DSM UI header. To change the default logo to a custom logo, under the “Upload New Logo ” section, click the CHANGE LOGO button.
  3. Browse for the custom logo image file from your local machine.
    Screenshot (63).png
    Figure 1: Upload Custom Logo
    Screenshot (64).png
    Figure 2: New Logo Uploaded
  4. You can update the name of the product. Enter the new name of the product as required under the “Product Name” section.
    Screenshot (64) - Copy.png
    Figure 3: Update product Name
  5. You can change the color of the theme as well. Click the color box under the “Change Theme Color” section and select the required color.
    Screenshot (65).png
    Figure 4: Change Color Theme
  6. Click the SAVE CHANGES button to save the login page customization.
    Screenshot (66).png
    Figure 5: Save Changed
  7. On the Customize Login Page dialog box, click the YES button to apply the logo and color changes to the DSM login page.
  8. Restart the cluster to see the new logo applied on the login page.
    Custom_Logo2.pngFigure 6: Logo Applied


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