User's Guide: Sign Up for Fortanix Data Security Manager SaaS

Fortanix Data Security Manager SaaS Free Trial

This article describes how to sign up for a free trial and get started with Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) as a Service.

Fortanix offers a free trial for Fortanix DSM as a Service. Set up a free trial to access the Fortanix DSM portal and secure your key management and cryptography services on a cloud-neutral platform.

Sign Up For A Free Trial

  1. Go to the Fortanix website.
  2. Click the Platform tab and select the Fortanix Data Security Managerâ„¢ option. DSMSaaSWebsite.png
    Figure 1: Fortanix DSM SaaS
  3. Scroll down to Choose From Two SaaS Offering section, and select the offering that suits your requirement.
    • Explorer Tier: This is ideal for enterprises with selective use cases and small-sized teams who are beginning their data security, privacy, and compliance journey. You can choose from five curated solutions. Click GET STARTED to sign up for the Explorer Tier.
      The Explore tier is Free and includes basic support, the ability to open support tickets, and get updates and fixes. Users are free to use the product within the bound limits of the use cases. For more details about this tier, refer to the announcement here.
    • Enterprise Tier: This is ideal for businesses of any size looking to scale with a full set of industry-leading data security capabilities. Click START 30-DAY FREE TRIAL to sign up for the Enterprise Tier. 
      The Enterprise tier comes with a 30-day free trial.
    Figure 2: Fortanix DSM SaaS offerings
  4. In the SIGN UP FOR EXPLORE/ENTERPRISE TIER form, fill the required user information:
    1. First name and Last name
    2. Email: Enter your work email.
    3. Phone number
    4. Country
    5. Region
    6. Select the service:
      • If you want to try the Explorer tier, select any one of the services that you require (Tokenization, Google Cloud External Key Management, Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption, BYOK on AWS, BYOK on Azure).
      • If you want to try the Enterprise tier, select the option 30-day Free Trial (All Services).
    7. You can optionally select the checkboxes:
      • Schedule a demo – See Fortanix DSM SaaS in action!
      • I agree to receive other communications from Fortanix.
  5. Click GET STARTED.
  6. You will now be taken to the Fortanix DSM SaaS sign up page.
  7. On the Sign up page, the Email address, First name, and Last name fields will be automatically filled based on the details the you provided in the Get started/Start your 30-day free trial form.
  8. Create a new password and retype the same.
  9. Select the check box I agree to Terms and Conditions.
  10. Click SIGN UP to complete the sign-up procedure. DSMSaaSSignup.png
    Figure 3: Sign up

Log in to Fortanix DSM SaaS

After you sign up, you will get an email about the successful registration.

  1. Now go to and log in using your credentials. LogInSaaS.png
    Figure 4: Log in to DSM LogInSaaS1.png
    Figure 5: Sign in
  2. Once logged in, you can create a new account, or accept an invitation to join another account. After entering an account, you can view and manage groups, users, applications, and security objects belonging to the account. For more details on how to get started with Fortanix DSM SaaS, refer to the Getting Started Guide. DSMSaaS12.png
    Figure 6: Dashboard view

Subscription Renewal

When your 30 days free trial for Fortanix DSM SaaS expires, you can renew the subscription from the Fortanix DSM SaaS UI. Follow the steps below:

  1. In the Fortanix DSM UI, go to Settings and click the SUBSCRIPTION tab.
  2. On the Current Subscription Plan page, click CHANGE to renew the subscription. DSMSaaS9.png
    Figure 7: Renew subscription
  3. In the Plan Change Request dialog box, click SEND REQUEST to submit the renewal request. DSMSaaS10.png
    Figure 8: Submit request
  4. After submission, the Fortanix Customer Service team will be informed about the subscription change request. Changes to the subscription will be reflected on the Fortanix DSM SaaS System Administrator portal.
    You can alternatively contact the Fortanix Customer Service team at for a follow-up.


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