Details of Security Object by Name

The getSecurityObjects API can also be used to lookup keys by name. The first parameter of this method restricts the returned value to only the security object with the requested name.


SecurityObjectsApi sObjectApi = new SecurityObjectsApi();
List<KeyObject> sObjects = sObjectApi.GetSecurityObjects(name : "example-key");
KeyObject matched = sObjects[0];


keyName := "example-key"
sobjectDescriptor := sdkms.SobjectDescriptor {
Name: &keyName,
key, err := client.GetSobject(ctx, nil, &sobjectDescriptor)


List<KeyObject> sobjects = sobjectsApi.getSecurityObjects("example-key", null, null, null);
KeyObject matched = sobjects.get(0); // Max 1 object will be there in the result list


api_instance = sdkms.v1. SecurityObjectsApi(api_client=client)
sobjects = api_instance.get_security_objects(name = "example-key")
matched = sobjects[0]

REST API using curl

curl <Endpoint URL>/crypto/v1/keys?name=example-key -H 'Authorization: Bearer YhXwwa-6C...ig5g'


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