Update Quorum Approval Policy

See this article for more information on quorum approval policies https://support.fortanix.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016047771-User-s-Guide-Quorum-Policy

For updating an existing quorum approval policy, you need to request for the changes in the policy to be approved.

Following is an example of changing an existing quorum approval policy to add a new user in the policy (2 out 4 users for approval)

REST API using curl

$ curl <Endpoint URL>/sys/v1/approval_requests -H 'Authorization: Bearer YhXwwa-6C...ig5g' \
-d '{"method": "PATCH", "operation": "/sys/v1/groups/<Group-UUID>", "body":{"approval_policy":{"protect_manage_operations":true,"protect_crypto_operations":true,"quorum":{"n":2,"members":[{"user":"80e3f312-9d8e-4645-848a-5c80aebf8f52"},{"user":"ba4ecb63-bcab-4e12-9432-b0a06fff5226"},{"user":"504c9895-c9fa-4890-b3d5-35554c74df18"}, {"user":"cbc09134-9a07-4cc2-a59c-845c600e4234"}], "require_2fa":false,"require_password":false}}}}'
{"request_id": "e8d011db-1a8b-4904-9fcc-1720aa30ac4f" ...}

# This will create an approval task (with above id). Get it approved by existing approvers for changes to get reflected.


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