Add Quorum Approval Policy

See this article for more information on quorum approval policies

Following is an example of adding a simple quorum approval policy to an existing group

  • 2 out 3 users for approval (Note the userId of the 3 users)

REST API using curl

$ curl <Endpoint URL>/sys/v1/groups/<Group-UUID> -H 'Authorization: Bearer YhXwwa-6C...ig5g' -X PATCH -d '{"approval_policy":{"protect_manage_operations":true,"protect_crypto_operations":true,"quorum":{"n":2,"members":[{"user":"80e3f312-9d8e-4645-848a-5c80aebf8f52"},{"user":"ba4ecb63-bcab-4e12-9432-b0a06fff5226"},{"user":"504c9895-c9fa-4890-b3d5-35554c74df18"}],"require_2fa":false,"require_password":false}}}'



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