Using Fortanix Data Security Manager With AppViewX On-Premises


The integration between AppViewX and Fortanix helps enterprises overcome the challenges brought by managing private keys in a complex infrastructure. AppViewX acts as the automation and orchestration engine for the lifecycle management of X.509 certificates, and Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) ensures the security of the private keys associated with those certificates in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid solution.

Integrating Fortanix HSM with AppViewX On-Premises


The following are the prerequisites to perform integration with AppViewX on-premises:

  • Fortanix must provide the following files: and pkcs11.conf
  • The pkcs11.conf file should have the API endpoint and the log file location configured.

Integration Procedure

The following are the steps to integrate Fortanix DSM with AppViewX on-premises:

  1. Copy the files and pkcs11.conf to the AppViewX nodes where the avx_vendors plugin is enabled.
  2. Place the file in the /opt/fortanix/pkcs11/ directory.
  3. In the AppViewX nodes where the avx_vendors plugins are enabled, navigate to the AppViewX install and properties directory. Edit the properties file and enter the value for the key FORTANIX_PKCS11_LIBRARY_PATH as follows:
    FORTANIX_PKCS11_LIBRARY_PATH = /opt/fortanix/pkcs11/
  4. Place the pkcs11.conf file in the /etc/fortanix directory.
  5. Once the above-mentioned steps are executed, restart the plugins and the gateway using the following command:
    avx --restart plugins
    avx --restart gateway
  6. Once the Components are up and running, navigate to the AppViewX GUI, login, and navigate to Inventory > Device > HSM. AppViewXGUI.png Figure 1: AppViewX GUI
  7. Select Fortanix HSM and click Configure Now or the (+) the button. Enter the Name and select the Data Center. Provide the API key and any user-defined Key Handler Name. Click Save.

    Once saved, if the integration is completed successfully, you will see a pop up in the UI with a message indicating that the HSM settings have been saved successfully.


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