Enclave OS Analyzer tool

CCM App Analyzer Tool

The CCM App Analyzer tool can be used with an application to determine whether the application is supported by Enclave OS. The tool identifies potential issues with running an application in Enclave OS.



  • Install Python version 3.6 or higher.
  • Install the strace utility: sudo apt install strace.

How to Run

The App Analyzer tool has a client-facing log collection utility that samples a client application system calls and produces a human-readable file to work with.

In order to perform correct analysis,
  • Exercise your code through typical use cases while running the tool.
  • Return the output file to Fortanix for analysis.


  1. Download and un-tar the attached compressed tool.
    tar xvfz ccm-app-analyzer.tar.gz
    cd ccm-app-analyzer
  2. Generate a system calls trace by running the log-syscalls.sh script and passing as arguments your executable plus any arguments for your executable.
    ./log-syscalls.sh /bin/yourexecutable [arg1] [arg2] ...
    This command will generate a trace called strace-output that contains all system calls your application has performed.
  3. Process strace-output and convert it to a human-readable JSON report by running:
    python3 log-collector.py strace-output
    This command will generate a file called collected-log containing a summary of the system calls performed by the processes of your application.





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