Fortanix Data Security Manager - Sysadmin Settings - Frontend


This guide describes the system level frontend settings that are configured by the System Administrator.

The settings configured here are applicable to every object of the entire cluster.



The frontend option of the Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) is used to set the URL for the UI assets and it is set by default.

Usually, you should not modify these settings.

Setting incorrect value for UI assets URL will cause the WebUI to stop working. Please check spelling thoroughly before making changes. You have the option of changing the URL, but in typical deployments, this setting is never changed.

The following is the procedure to change the URL, in a rare case where you need to change it:

  1. Click the SETTINGS icon in the Fortanix System Administration UI.
  2. Click the FRONTEND tab from the left panel.Frontend1.png Figure 1: Frontend
  1. Click EDIT.Frontend.png Figure 2: UI Assets URL
  1. Type the URL and click SAVE.



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