Fortanix Data Security Manager - Sysadmin Settings - Email


This guide describes the system level Email settings that are configured by the System Administrator.

The settings configured here are applicable to every object of the entire cluster.

If you want Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) to send emails, enable the email option.

For email notifications, Fortanix DSM needs to talk to an email service through which the emails will be pushed out.

In the Fortanix DSM Sysadmin settings, go to the EMAIL page.

Fortanix DSM supports the following two types of servers:

  • SMTP
  • Amazon SES (Simple Email Server)


 To configure a generic SMTP server, click SMTP SERVER. Type the hostname or an IP address and port number and click SAVE CHANGES.Email2.png Figure 1: SMTP Server

To enable TLS, perform the following:

Email1SMTP.png Figure 2: SMTP Server with TLS

  1. Select the Enable TLS check box.
  2. Select Global Root CAs, if you are using a certificate that is signed by a well-known public CA.
  3. Select Custom CA Certificate, if you as an enterprise want to self-sign the certificate using your own internal CA. To do this, upload the CA certificate using the UPLOAD A FILE When Fortanix DSM as a client connects to the SMTP server and is presented with the server’s certificate, it will be able to validate it using the enrolled custom CA Certificate.
  4. Click SAVE CHANGES.

Amazon SES

To configure an Amazon SES, click AMAZON SES. When you sign up with Amazon SES, they assign a region where the service is available. Select the relevant region and type the Access key and Secret Key and click SAVE CHANGES.

AmazonSES1.png Figure 3: Amazon SES




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