Compute node does not show up in Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager (CCM). We have an account quota that limits the total active compute nodes. Please delist an existing node to add a new node.
Please also check the status of "em-agent" service on your system.
sudo systemctl status em-agent 
Where em-agent.service is the Fortanix CCM Agent. In case of error, check the detailed logs of "em-agent" service.
journalctl -f -u em-agent.service
Getting the error - 'Failed to connect to any resolved endpoint' with my application. Please check if the value of NODE_AGENT_BASE_URL' matches your compute node IP.
Ifconfig -a should show you all the IPs.
Also, check the status of the node agent service. sudo systemctl status em-agent
Where em-agent.service is the Fortanix CCM Agent.


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