User's Guide: Invite Users

Invite a User


  • The email ID of the user is required.
  • You need to be an account administrator to invite a user to an account.


  1. Open the Users tab in the Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager (CCM) UI to see the list of all users added to Fortanix CCM.
  2. Click INVITE USER to add a new user to this account.
    Figure 1: User's tab and Invite user
  3. Fill in all the required fields:
    Figure 2: Add user form
    • Email (user’s email) – Email of the user, the email is case-insensitive.
    • Role – Choose the role(s) for this user.
      Figure 3: Choose roles
    • Optional fields:
    • First Name – Enter the user’s first name.
    • Last Name – Enter the user’s last name.
  4. Click Invite to invite the user. The invited user will get an email to join this account.
    Figure 4: User invited

Edit a User


An existing user.


As an administrator of an account, you can edit another user’s role. To do this:

  1. Click the Users tab in the Fortanix CCM UI.
  2. From the list of users, select a user to edit and click the three dots icon for the selected user. From this menu click EDIT USER to edit the user details.
    Figure 5: Select user
  3. Update the user’s role.
    Figure 6: Edit user details
  4. Click UPDATE USER to update the user details (Figure 6).
  5. The updated user details are saved and visible now.
    Figure 7: User details saved
    If you are an account administrator, by default you have the Administrator, Editor, and Viewer roles. You can edit your own details like First Name and Last Name using the following method:
    1. Using the My Profile option.
      Figure 8: My profile CCMUserguide62.png
      Figure 9: Edit your details CCMUserguide63.png
      Figure 10: Edit first and last name


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