Deleting Security Objects

Caution! Deleting a security object cannot be undone. Before deleting a security object, make sure that you have a backup of the security object or do not need the security object anymore. If a security object has the Export operation enabled, it can be backed up by wrapping it and storing it outside of Fortanix Daya Security Manager (DSM).


Deleting security objects (keys) requires a Fortanix DSM account, a group, and a user or application configured in that group. You must also have a security object to delete. See the Fortanix Data Security Manager Getting Started Guide for more details.

Authorization and Configuration

You must first authenticate and optionally configure a default API client as described in Configure API Client and Client Authentication. You may authenticate as a user or as an application. The user or application must be a member of the group that the security object belongs to in order to delete it.

Create a SecurityObjectsApi Client Object

Deleting security objects is performed with a SecurityObjectsApi object.

import com.fortanix.sdkms.v1.SecurityObjectsApi;

SecurityObjectsApi sobjectsApi = new SecurityObjectsApi();

Make the Delete Call

Deleting is performed with the deleteSecurityObject() method of the SecurityObjectsApi object. The UUID of the key to be deleted is passed to the method.

sobjectsApi.deleteSecurityObject(<UUID of key to be deleted>);


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