Fortanix Data Security Manager SDK Contents

The Fortanix Data Security Manager SDK contains the API client library JAR (Java Archive), API reference documentation, and example applications.

API Client Library

The API client library is located in the jars directory. Adding this jar to your classpath is sufficient for building applications utilizing the client library. Additional runtime dependencies are documented in the examples/pom.xml file.

API Reference Documentation

The reference documentation for the client library can be found in HTML format in the apidocs directory.

Example Programs

Sample programs demonstrating how to use various aspects of the client library are in the examples directory.

Get Fortanix Java Client

Download the SDK package from the Fortanix Downloads page and import it in your project or alternatively add the following dependency information in your Maven or Gradle project.


you download , you can use the JAR by adding the following fortanix-sdk dependency in pom.xml in the Maven project.



If you are using a Gradle project, add the following dependency in build.gradle.

compile "com.fortanix:sdkms-client:3.20.1363"


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