[3.5] - June 04, 2024

This article provides an overview of new features and general improvements in the Fortanix Key Insight (KI) 3.5 release.

1. New Features

  • With support for Azure Managed Disks, customers can now discover and assess Azure Managed Disks as part of their Crypto Posture (JIRA: PM-309):

    The Azure Services in Key Insight now support Managed Disks, Storage Accounts, and SQL Database Services. Key Insight can now scan and assess an Azure Managed Disk service.

    Managed Disks as a Service.png Figure 1: Access Azure Managed Disks

    For more details, refer to the KI – Azure User Interface Components Guide.

  • With our reduced privilege requirements, you now can provide Key Insight with less than 20 Read-only permissions in Azure and AWS (JIRA: KI-669):

    You can now configure the least privileged permissions in Azure and AWS to grant the required access to scan an Azure or AWS resource without requiring elevated capabilities.

    For more details, refer to the following guides:

2. Enhancements to Existing Features

  • The 'Region' legend in the Keys and Services map is now highlighted in dark mode (JIRA: KI-673).

    Region Legend.png Figure 2: Access Region Legend in Dark Mode

3. Other Improvements

  • When a new cloud scan is started, any in-progress scan automatically stops for the same cloud connection (JIRA: KI-330).


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