Fortanix Key Insight Overview

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

Welcome to the Fortanix Key Insight Overview Guide. Fortanix Key Insight is a cloud service on the Fortanix platform. It is designed to automatically discover your encryption keys, map them to data services, and assess cryptographic security posture across hybrid multi-cloud environments. Key Insight helps security and compliance teams assess and demonstrate whether their encryption keys are compliant with established policies and standards across the silos in a multi-cloud environment. With this insight, organizations can quickly and easily implement corrective actions at scale and improve their cryptographic security posture over time.

1.1 Intended Audience

This guide is intended to be used by technical stakeholders of Fortanix Key Insight, such as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who will use this feature to see compliance information or deficiencies at a very high level and is interested in trends and drift, and the Security Engineer, who will use this feature to find and fix issues with the implementation and management of cryptographic data protection.

2.0 Key Discovery and Assessment

Key Insight provides a unified view of all keys and data services, including how they relate to all cloud accounts and cloud service platforms. Users get data-driven insights to quickly define the biggest data security risks and prioritize the remediation steps. Data security teams can easily identify key types and key utilization, assess service encryption status, and evaluate the organization's overall cryptographic security posture.

Assessment and Key Discovery.png Figure 1: Key overview dashboard

Assessment Report.png Figure 2: Key security posture assessment

3.0 Policy Compliance and Violation

Key Insight empowers customers to govern comprehensive key management policies, including key strengths, algorithms, and rotation protocols. Customers can immediately identify policy misalignments and provide insights into their potential impact through blast radius analysis. This approach enables proactive risk mitigation and improves the overall security posture.

Keys.png Figure 3: Mapping of keys to services

Services.png Figure 4: Blast radius of policy violations


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