Fortanix Armor - Getting Started

1.0 Introduction

This article helps you get started with the Fortanix Armor platform. It also describes: 

  • How to sign up and log in to the Fortanix Armor platform.
  • How to create a new account and use the existing accounts on the Fortanix Armor platform.
  • How to manage a user profile on the Fortanix Amror platform.

2.0 Fortanix Armor - Log In and Create an Account

Fortanix Armor is a new platform that Fortanix offers to its customers. Therefore, you need to create an account on the Fortanix Armor platform if you do not already have one.

2.1 Sign Up On Fortanix Armor Platform – New Users

If you are a new user and do not have an account on Fortanix Armor, you must sign up on Fortanix Armor to create and access your account.
To sign up on Fortanix Armor for the first time,

  1. Go to the URL
  2. On the Login page, click DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT? SIGN UP.

    1.png Figure 1: Sign Up to Fortanix Armor

  3. You will be navigating to the Fortanix website. In the SIGN UP FOR KEY INSIGHT form, fill in the required user information and click SUBMIT.
    • First name: Your first name.
    • Last name: Your last name.
    • Email: Your work Email.
    • Phone number: Your contact number.
    • Country: Select your country.
    • Optionally, you can select the checkbox - I agree to receive other communications from Fortanix- see our Privacy Policy for more information.

    50.png Figure 2: Fill in Sign Up Form for Key Insight

    Fortanix Armor offers a 30-day trial. After your free trial expires, get in touch with Fortanix Support.
  4. This will take you to the Fortanix Armor Sign Up page.
  5. On the Sign Up page,
      1. The Email address, First name, and Last name fields will be automatically filled out based on the details you provided in Step 4.
      2. Create a new Password and confirm it.
      3. Select I agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and I am not a robot check boxes.
      4. Click SIGN UP.

    2.png Figure 3: Sign Up to Fortanix Armor

  6. If your sign-up request is processed successfully, you will receive an email to verify and activate your account. If you have not received the email, click RESEND VERIFICATION EMAIL to send the email again.

    3.png Figure 4: Account Creation Confirmation

  7. In the received email, click CONFIRM EMAIL or paste the URL on your browser to verify your account.

    13.png Figure 5: Confirm Account Creation

  8. After account verification, you will receive the confirmation message. Click PROCEED TO ACCOUNTS to create your first account on Fortanix Armor.

    4.png Figure 6: Navigate to Fortanix Armor Accounts

  9. After you have signed up, for the next time, you can log in to Fortanix Armor using your credentials. For more information on how to log in, refer to Section 2.2: Log in to Fortanix Armor.

2.1.1 Add an Account

After you log in, you can add a new Fortanix Armor account to access different solutions - Key Insight, Identity and Access Management, and so on.

If you are adding your first account, the Add Account page (as mentioned in Step 2 below), will be displayed immediately after logging in to create your first account.

To add a new account,

  1. On the Accounts page, click + ADD ACCOUNT or select ADD ACCOUNT from the Select account drop down.
    • Please contact the account administrator to join an existing account.
    • If you have access to multiple accounts and selected an account, click ALL ACCOUNTS to navigate back to the Accounts page.

    5.png Figure 7: Navigate to Add a New Fortanix Armor Account

  2. On the Add Account page, enter the Account name and click CREATE to add the new account. You can also view the other available solutions on Fortanix Armor below.

    Create Account.png Figure 8: Add a New Fortanix Armor Account

  3. The new account created will be added to the Accounts page. You can create as many accounts as per your requirement.

    New Account.png Figure 9: Access the New Fortanix Armor Account

  4. After the account is created, click GO TO ACCOUNT to access the solutions available for that account. For more details on managing the available solutions, refer to User Guide: Fortanix Armor Solutions.

2.1.2 Manage Selected Account

All the accounts associated with your profile will be displayed on the Accounts page. You can select the required account to access the related solutions on Fortanix Armor. 

  • If you have created your first account after logging in, that account will be selected by default.

    New Account.png Figure 10: Select the Account

  • If you have more than one account, you can select the required account by clicking SELECT ACCOUNT or from the Select account drop down.

    Select Other Account.png Figure 11: Select Account from the Accounts Page

For the selected account, you can click Three dots.png and perform the following:

Account Actions.png Figure 12: Manage Selected Account

  • Customize Account: You can customize the logo and name of the account and click SAVE to update them.
    You can leave the account only if that account has more than one user with an Administrator role.

    Customize Account.png Figure 13: Customize Your Account

  • Leave Account: If you want to leave the account, you can use this feature. If selected, you will get a pop up. You can read the details and click LEAVE to leave the Fortanix Armor account.

    Leave Account.png Figure 14: Leave Fortanix Armor Account

2.2 Log In to Fortanix Armor Platform - Existing Users

You can directly log in to the Fortanix Armor platform to access Key Insight if you have already signed up and have an account on the platform.

To log in to the Fortanix Armor,

  1. Go to the URL
  2. On the Login page, enter your Email Address and Password. Click LOG IN to log in to Fortanix Armor.

    Log In.png Figure 15: Log In to Fortanix Armor

    • If you enter incorrect login credentials five times consecutively, your account will be locked. To unlock your account and log in again, enter the correct password and complete reCAPTCHA verification.
    • Click Hide Password.png to view your password and click Show Password.png to hide your password for security purposes.
    • Click Forgot your password? to reset your password. Refer to Section 3.1: Reset Password for more details.

2.2.1 Add an Account

If you are an existing user and already have a user profile on Fortanix Armor, you might have access to Fortanix Armor accounts.

Access Multiple Accounts.png Figure 16: Add an Account

3.0 Manage User Profile

On Fortanix Armor, you can use the following features to manage the logged-in user profile:

Profile.png Figure 17: Manage Your User Profile

  • Profile: Select this to open the My Profile page. Select BACK TO ACCOUNTS to navigate back to the Accounts page. You can update the user profile name and email. Click SAVE to update them.

    Edit User Profile.png Figure 18: Update User Profile

    When you change your email, all your pending account invites will be removed. You will need to be invited again using your new email.
    • Click CHANGE PASSWORD to create a new password. If selected,
      • Enter your current password and new password, and confirm the new password.
      • Click CHANGE PASSWORD to update your password.
      You can also change your password using Forgot your password? on the Login page. Refer to Section 3.1: Reset Password for more details.
    • You can view your profile creation and last log-in date-time.
    • You can view your consent to privacy policy and terms of use.
    • Click Delete my user profile to permanently delete your profile from the Fortanix Armor platform.
      • If selected, a pop will be displayed with the details. Read the details and enter your current password to confirm the profile deletion.
      • Click DELETE MY PROFILE PERMANENTLY to delete your user profile forever.

      Account Deletion.png Figure 19: Delete User Profile

  • Sign Out: Select this to log out from Fortanix Armor. If selected, you will be logged out of the platform and redirected to the Login page.

3.1 Reset Password

If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can reset it before logging in to Fortanix Armor.

To reset the password:

  1. Click Forgot your password? on the Login page.
  2. Enter your E-mail address used during log-in and click RESET PASSWORD.

    Reset Password.png Figure 20: Reset Your Password

  3. You will receive an email at the address provided above.

    Passowrd Reset Confirmation.png Figure 21: Password Reset Email Confirmation

  4. In the received email, click the password reset link. On the Reset Password page,
    1. Enter New Password.
    2. Re Confirm new Password.
    3. Click SAVE PASSWORD to reset your password.

    Password Change.png Figure 22: Reset Your Password

  5. If your password is reset, you will be redirected to the Login page to log in with the new password. 


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