DSM-Accelerator PKCS#11 [4.22.2307]

Linux 64bit

Fortanix DSM-Accelerator is a library (PKCS#11) that customers can use in order to encrypt, decrypt, tokenize, or detokenize data as it enters or leaves an application at very high throughput so that there is negligible latency between the applications and the crypto interface. To know more about DSM-Accelerator, refer to the DSM-Accelerator-Concepts guide. 

Supported Operating System (OS)

DSM-Accelerator PKCS#11 is tested on the following operating systems:

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • RHEL 7
  • CentOS


  •  DEB package

    SHA256 sum:
  •  RPM package

    SHA256 sum:
  •  Library (.so file)

    SHA256 sum:


The RPM and DEB installer copies the Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM)-Accelerator PKCS#11 shared object file (library) to /opt/fortanix/pkcs11/fortanix_accelerator_pkcs11.so . One can also download the .so file and use it directly.

Check the PKCS#11 developer guide for more details.

Deployment Workflow

For the deployment process, refer to the article DSM-Accelerator Client Deployment Guide.


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