Fortanix Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) FX2200 Process

1.0 Introduction

The Fortanix Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Guide describes the process for a secure return of the Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) physical appliance (FX2200) to repair or receive a replacement; it also describes the deletion of data for the appliance (FX2200). The Fortanix warranty on the appliance is only valid if you have a current software subscription.

You must have a valid software subscription for the hardware to be covered by the Fortanix warranty.

2.0 Secure Return Shipment

If Fortanix has initiated an RMA for the appliance, you will be contacted by customer service to provide the following information:

  • Device serial number
  • Customer address
  • Customer name
  • Customer contact number
  • Failure details of the unit

By the following business day, the replacement unit will be ship. Fortanix will provide tracking information when the replacement unit is shipped, along with the RMA number.

Check the new appliance that you received from Fortanix and visually inspect it to confirm that no physical damage or tampering has occurred. If the appliance is damaged, contact the Fortanix customer support.

3.0 Find the Serial Number of the Appliance

Run the following command to find the serial number of the appliance as a ssh user in the node:

sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number

If the output of this command throws the following error:

dmidecode: command not found

Then run the following command to install the dmidecode package:

sudo apt-get install dmidecode

4.0 Replace the RMA Node

4.1 Remove the Node from the Cluster

Do not power off the node. To remove an existing cluster, perform the steps as mentioned in Section 8.0 in Fortanix Data Security Manager Installation Guide – On Prem.

4.2 Add a Node to a Cluster

Prepare the node to ensure that IP, DNS and NTP are properly configured. Also, verify that the essential ports in the firewall are open by verifying the connectivity between the new node and other nodes in the cluster.
To add a node to an existing cluster, perform the steps as mentioned in Section 7.0 in Fortanix Data Security Manager Installation Guide – On Prem.

5.0 How to Return the Defective Unit

  • Place the faulty unit into the same box from which you removed the Replacement unit.
  • Please repack the box in the same way as the Replacement unit was packed to protect the unit during shipping.
  • Carefully seal the box with packaging tape.
  • Place both the commercial invoice (for international shipping orders only) and label into the plastic pouch on the outside of the box. Mark Fortanix's RMA number outside the box. (RMA number is provided by Fortanix).
  • Call your local carrier office to arrange for a pickup.
  • Once the carrier pick-up is scheduled, please notify Fortanix support through email or the support portal.


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