[4.16] Patch - April 14, 2023

Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) 4.16.2197 release provides an overview of improvements and resolved issues.

This release is superseded by June 23, 2023, release.

  • It is REQUIRED to upgrade Fortanix DSM to version 4.11 or 4.13 before upgrading to version 4.16.2197. If you want to upgrade to 4.16.2197 from an older version, please reach out to the Fortanix Support team.
  • After upgrading to version 4.16.2197, Fortanix DSM can NO LONGER be downgraded to any prior version. This is due to limitations of common infrastructure components such as Docker and Kubernetes.
  • The Fortanix DSM cluster upgrade must be done with Fortanix support on call. Please reach out to Fortanix support if you are planning an upgrade.
  • The customer's BIOS version must be checked by Fortanix Support prior to the Fortanix DSM software upgrade. If required, the BIOS version should be upgraded to the latest version and verified by Fortanix Support for a smooth upgrade.
  • If your Fortanix DSM version is 4.13 or later, then the HSM gateway version must also be 4.13 or later. Similarly, if the HSM Gateway version is 4.13 or later, then your Fortanix DSM version must be 4.13 or later.

1. Improvements

  • Updated the email re-verification cutoff date in the DSM email verification banner (JIRA: ROFR-4051).
    The email re-verification cutoff date in the email verification banner is updated to May 12th, 2023.

2. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where even though the “Use different output datatype” option is not enabled for DSM custom tokenization; the input data is tokenized to a different data type for the output token in the DSM UI (JIRA: ROFR-4052).

3. Known Issues

  • When a node is removed from a 3-node cluster with build 4.2.2087, and the 2-node cluster is upgraded with build 4.3.xxxx, it is possible that the deploy job is exited and marked completed before cluster upgrade (JIRA: DEVOPS-2068). Workaround: If all the pods are healthy, you can deploy the version again.
  • The sync key API returns “400 status code and response error” due to the short-term access token expiry during the sync key operation of a group linked to AWS KMS (JIRA: PROD-3903).
  • exclude does not work in the proxy config for operations such as attestation (JIRA: PROD: 3311).
  • Unable to create an app when a Custom Group Role has the Create Apps permission enabled (JIRA: PROD-5764).

For a complete list of new features, enhancements to existing features, other improvements, and bug fixes refer to the full description of the 4.16 DSM on-prem and SaaS release.

4. Installation

To download the DSM SGX (on-prem/Azure) and Software (AWS/Azure/VMWare) packages, click here.


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