[0.5.22] - February 15, 2023

This document provides an overview of new features, general enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in the Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) - Terraform 0.5.22 release.

1. New Functionality / Features

  1. Added LDAP support for Terraform Provider (JIRA: DEVOPS-3550).

For a complete list of features supported by the Fortanix DSM Terraform provider, refer to the Developer’s Guide: Terraform Provider.

2. Known Issues

  • Creating security objects of type DSA, KCDSA, EC-KCDSA, and Tokenization is not supported (JIRA: DEVOPS-3110).
  • Setting the enable or disable options while creating security objects does not take effect (JIRA: DEVOPS-3110).
  • Unable to update group name (JIRA: DEVOPS-3246).
  • Issues in updating the security dsm_sobject (JIRA: DEVOPS-3668).
    • Unable to update the security object’s group.
    • Unable to set expiration date after the security object is created.
    • Unable to deactivate, destroy, or delete a security object.
  • Terraform will detect changes when an approval policy, HMG, or cryptographic policy is added to a group, even when nothing is changed in the TF Body. (JIRA: DEVOPS-3667).
  • When you invite a user to a Fortanix DSM account as an account member and add this user to a group as an account administrator using the dsm_group_user_role, even though the user has not accepted the invitation to join the account, the user will still fail to be added to the group (JIRA: DEVOPS-3666).


The Fortanix Terraform provider can be accessed from the Fortanix downloads page - https://support.fortanix.com/hc/en-us/articles/6495657315348-Terraform-Provider.


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