Fortanix Data Security Manager FX2200 - Console Port (DB9) Configuration Guide

1.0 Introduction

This article guides you through the process of configuring the Console Port (DB9) in the Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) FX2200 Series II appliance for full access to the appliance from the moment it is powered on to manage it as if you were directly connected to it using a keyboard and monitor.

2.0 Setup on FX2200

For this functionality to work, you need to enable serial port console redirection in BIOS and configure the values as shown below.

  1. During bootup, hit the DEL key to enter the setup. Go to Advanced -> Serial Port Console Redirection.
    Figure 1: Enter setup
  2. Enable Console Redirection for COM1.
    Figure 2: Enable console redirection
  3. Check that the console redirection settings match the values listed below and, if necessary, update them.
    • Terminal Type – ANSI
    • Baud Rate – 115200
    • Data Bits – 8
    • Parity – None
    • Stop Bits – 1
    • Flow Control – None
    Figure 3: Console redirection settings

3.0 Setup on Client Connecting to Serial Port

If you are using a client (like Minicom) to connect to a serial port, please make sure the speed, data bits, parity, stop bits, and flow control match the values mentioned in the above section. If using Minicom, make sure the hex display is turned off.

With these settings, the console redirection will work, and all boot-up messages from the moment it is powered on can be seen through the serial port, and users can manage the appliance from it.


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