User's Guide: Data Export


Welcome to the Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) Data Export User Guide. This article describes the procedure to export all security object details from a DSM account into a CSV file.

Exporting the Data

Encrypt Key Before Export

The Data Export feature of Fortanix DSM allows you to download all the security object details from a DSM account on your local machine in an Excel sheet format.

Perform the following steps to export the data:

  1. Log in to the URL: with your valid credentials to access DSM SaaS for the AMER region. DSM SaaS supports multiple regions, as listed here
  2. From the left panel, navigate to Settings > DATA EXPORT
    The following image illustrates the Data Export page.
    Figure 1: Data Export Page
  3. Click the EXPORT button to download a CSV file on your local machine containing all the security objects available in a DSM account.
    • You can also download the security object data for each page individually using the DOWNLOAD AS CSV button on the Security Objects page.
    • This feature exports only the key metadata, not the actual key material.
    Figure 2: Download as CSV Button


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